Assalamualaikum & Hi

PROMOTION DIY CLASS on Mac : Package Slice Cake ONLY RM120

Slice Cake for all occasion

 3 Mac 2012: Pavlova, Cream puff & Enclair (RM150)

Cream Puff (marvelous........)

Pavlova ( dessert )

4 Mac 2012 : Continental Cake 4 (RM150)

Snowy Peach, Russian Black & White, American Choc. Cake

Russian Black & White (the hottest of the century)

10 Mac 2012 : Marble Cake (recipe from Chef Lela Samsudin) (RM120)

– Labenesse Marble Cake, Zebra Marble Cake, Seroja Marble Cake & Soft Marble Cake ( Commercial Cake)

Seroja Marble Cake

11 Mac 2012 : Continental Cake (RM150)

– Red Velvet Cake, Tiramisu, Banana Chocolate Cake

Red Velvet Cake

17 Mac 2012 : All About Cheese ( RM150)

– Cotton Japannese Cake, Oreo Cheese Cake & Caramel Cheese Cake

( photo coming)

18 Mac 2012 : Continental Cake 4 ( RM150)

– Snowy Peach, Russian Black & White, American Choc. Cake

Snowy Peach Cake

24 Mac 2012 : Commercial Cake ( Economic Cake) ( RM150)

– Kek Pisang, Kek Marble, Kek Pelangi & Kek Coklat Lembab

Kek Pelangi

Kek Pisang

25 Mac 2012 : Continental Cake 5 (RM150)

– Royal Caramel, Chocolate Mascarpone, Nutty Caramel Cake

Mascarpone Chocolate Cake

Royal Caramel (superb..)

KEEP PROOF OF PAYMENT ****** Please submit TIME DEPOSITS and class registration.If no proof of payment you must pay the full class time.

For a demo class, the minimum participation is 5 people. I will cancel classes if the participation of about 5 people.

If interested can email or sms for booking, or              013-6206325 Noorlie.

Class Infomation :

Place : 14 (tkt atas), Jalan Kayu Manis 3,Tmn Kayu Manis, Seremban

Time : 11 am until finished

 GPS Koordinat : E 101 58′ 15″, N 2 44′ 12″

Classes starting from 11:00 am until finished 

* Please bring containers for take away food product


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